NYC Python Project NightΒΆ

These documents contain a collection of (hopefully) useful information for those new to programming or Python. The main target audience are attendees of the New York City Python Meetup Group‘s regular project nights.

There is one main goal:

To get you from being uncomfortable joining one of the projects to being comfortable as quickly as possible.

There is a variety of knowledge that is part of a developer’s toolkit. Hopefully, enough information is contained in these documents and the documents linked from them to give budding developers or recent Python migrants the confidence and knowledge to get the ball rolling.

There is undoubtedly lots of things that will be missing here. It’s hard at times for developers who have knowledge in these areas to remember what it was like to be a beginner, and how to best transmit the information and experience they’ve gained. If you see something missing please add it. Your contributions are most welcome.

Overall, there will be at least one important piece of information that does not appear anywhere in these files and so it should be highlighted here:

Be bold and curious, and unafraid to ask for help.

Ask other members at the meetup and otherwise for advice, for help, or for guidance. If they are willing they’ll help (and many are) and if they aren’t they’ll be sure to tell you or try to point you someplace you can look yourself.

Good luck!